Simply-Docs - Partnership with Kent Formations, Companies House Agent


Hundreds of Documents for UK Business

Are business documents and legal contracts costing you a fortune? The good news is that Kent Formations, partnered with Simply-Docs, can provide you with a trusted, affordable and simple alternative. Simply-Docs extensive portfolio of editable document and contract templates will enable you to protect your business and keep up with your legal and compliance requirements. Even better, Kent Formations clients get exclusive rates. Just select one of the packages below during checkout or within your Directors Portal to obtain your special price.

An unbelievable saving of £15 on a 12 month Premium Pack subscription. 

Business  e.g. Terms & Conditions, Sale Contracts, Website Terms and much more.890 documentsOnly  £35.00 reduced to £30.00+VAT
Corporate e.g. Shareholder & Partnership Agreements, Board Minutes and more.> 800 documentsOnly £35.00 reduced to £30.00+VAT
Employment e.g. Employment Contracts, Policies, Procedures & Letters and much more.600 documentsOnly  £35.00 reduced to £30.00+VAT
Health & Safety e.g. Statements, Policies, Risk Assessment Forms and much more.495 documentsOnly  £35.00 reduced to £30.00+VAT
Property e.g. Lease, Licence and Tenancy & Letting Documents and much more.780 documentsOnly  £35.00 reduced to £30.00+VAT
Premium Pack

Provides unlimited access to Business, Corporate, Employment and Health & Safety Document Folders for one year.

 £95.00 reduced to £80.00+VAT
Premium Plus Provides unlimited access to all the documents from all the Document Folders for one year. £115.00 reduced to £95.00+VAT

Over 4.8m Legal Document Templates downloaded with Simply-Docs, Simply-Docs Documents are drafted and constantly reviewed by licensed Solicitors and Professionals saving you excessive amounts of time and money. Choose from more than 3,500 Up-To-Date and easily editable Documents in all major formats. Relevant for all types of business's.

How it works

Kent Formation clients choose a package which suits your business or Premium Plus for the ultimate cover across your growing corporation. During checkout your exclusive discount will be applied to the package and upon checkout your Simply-docs account will be activated using the same login details as Kent Formations and remain active for 12 months after which it can be renewed through your directors portal to continue receiving your exclusive rates.

Within your chosen package you are free to download and use the documents for your business purposes, the documents guide you through all the changes you will need to make to make them legally binding and are available in major Microsoft Office formats including Word and Excel.

If any Simply-Docs Documents you have downloaded get updated during the subscription period, you will receive an email updating you of these changes, so you can easily update your documents ensuring they remain effective and legal. 

Terms and Conditions for the use of Simply-Docs Documents are available here   Terms & Conditions